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Manufacturer: Sun Pharmaceuticals
Substance: Testosterone supplements
Packing: 14 sachets per pack




Testosterone is a hormone necessary for the physical and sexual development of men. Its deficiency causes pathological diseases (hypogonadism). To restore the regular athlete's hormone balance, instead of resorting to pills or injections, various forms of testosterone such as ointments or gels can be used.

The drug for external use is packaged in sachets containing 5mg. The active ingredient is testosterone. For better absorption of the gel, it can be combined with Carbomer and plain water before applying the substance to the skin for consumption by the body.

This drug has become very favorable to many athletes, the elderly generation and normal gym users due to the ease of use and, above all, the non-invasive application procedure that this great product provides!


Testosterone in the male body is of great importance. It affects the appearance of secondary signs at puberty, such as growth of the genitals, hair growth and deepening of the voice, although puberty.
Testosterone also improves sexual attraction and the formation of the body, subcutaneous fat tissue and bone tissue in adult men. Its deficiency leads to hormonal disorders such as hypogonadism.


After application of the gel, it is absorbed through the skin by 10-15% of the dose that is applied. Absorption in the blood occurs throughout the day through a relatively constant concentration, which appears from the second day of substance use.

Fluctuations in accumulation are approximately the same as endogenous testosterone. Due to being absorbed from the outside, the hormone does not enter in large doses as with intramuscular testosterone injections.Accumulation slows down the time of administration and decreases dramatically after 24 hours from the last dose. Although it has a testosterone deficiency, the normal levels of testosterone for the body are fully restored after just three days of use.

On dry and previously cleansed skin, apply a testosterone gel pack and spread the gel over the skin in a thin layer to be absorbed.

It can be applied to the abdomen, shoulders or arms. After applying, let the product dry before getting dressed or covering it with a piece of clothing. This takes about 5 minutes to dry. The recommended dose is 5mg of gel.


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